HDFC Bank NetBanking Registration and Login

Perform over 200 transactions in just a few clicks

What You Should Know

Many different transactions

Make more than 200 transactions

Managing an account, transferring money, paying bills or loans, investing, and more

Simple and practical

Access your account at any time and from any location to make transactions.

No need to make cheques, wait in lines, or go to a branch

Extremely secure

Keep yourself protected with Safe Access, an additional security measure put in place by HDFC Bank.

A straight forward three-step process is used to protect internet transfers and transactions.


Paying a merchant online is simple:

Buy online on any retailer’s website or app that accepts payments using HDFC Bank’s NetBanking service.

On any merchant website or app, choose the product or service that you want to buy.

Choose HDFC Bank’s NetBanking as your payment option during the checkout process.

HDFC Bank NetBanking Registration and Login

Validate the transaction.

How to enable HDFC Bank NetBanking



3. Fill Customer ID / User ID

4. You can find your Customer Id / User ID in the below mentioned places.

5. In case you forgot Customer ID / User ID – Click on Forgot Customer ID

5. Fill the Password / IPIN and click on Login

6. If you have forgot password then click on Forgot Password / IPIN

7. Here the user has two verification method to choose from :

A. The user can proceed with the combination of SMS & Email (The user will get 2 OTP of three digit on both the registered mobile number and the email id registered with the bank.)

B. Secondly the user has the option to proceed with the combination of SMS & Debit Card ( The user will get 1 OTP on the registered mobile number and the user has to fill the Debit Card details i.e, Debit Card PIN and the Expiry Date of the Card.)


8. Enter the registered mobile number.

9. Enter the OTP received on SMS & Email.

10.Make your new Password.

11. New Password is successfully created.

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